Before launching Home NAS Recovery you should think of:

How you will connect NAS disks to a PC - you may need a controller and cables.

How you will copy the recovered NAS data – you may have to buy additional disks.

Whether you have enough disks for the successful NAS recovery. For example, if you deal with a RAID0, you need to have all the disks, with a RAID5 - one disk missing is allowed.


1. Get the disks out of the NAS (how to do this) and connect them to a PC separately.

2. Download Home NAS Recovery, install, and launch it.

3. Check whether all NAS disks are marked and click START ANALYSIS to launch preliminary analysis of the possibility to recover NAS data successfully.

Select NAS disks in Home NAS Recovery software Wait for NAS disk analysis in Home NAS Recovery software

4. Purchase and enter your LICENSE KEY.

Enter Home NAS Recovery license key

5. Click CONTINUE to proceed with NAS recovery.

6. Select the needed files and folders and click COPY selected files.

Copy files from NAS

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